This commercial is obviously geared towards men. It uses the objectification of women as a marketing tool to entice male audiences into using their product. It is definitely too inappropriate for TV audiences in the United States but I found that it perfectly exemplified our hypothesis. Alcohol advertisements are very meticulously designed to be geared towards specific gender audiences. This video is advertising Guinness beer, and is congruent with a pretty standard advertising trend in most beer ads, geared towards sex and geared towards men. This commercial in particular is aimed at a younger, more immature audiences. The men in the ad treat the beer in a congruent fashion as they do the woman, as an object that is to be shared. The concept of objectifying this woman and relating “share one with a friend” to both the beer bottle and the female is an inappropriate ideology that is unfortunately widely shared in many cultures. Again, this specific commercial is an extreme of the techniques used to market beer to en, but does an excellent job of exemplifying the concept of using sex to sell alcohol.