This blog is for The University of Texas at Austin course ADV 303: Advertising & Pop Culture, taught by Mercedes Duchicela in Spring 2010. By applying what we have learned in class, our group is attempting to show how alcohol advertisements vary between genders. By comparing and contrasting different alcoholic ads, we will show how gender plays a huge roll when trying to sell alcoholic drinks.

Issues include…

Introduction SC

Print Ads:
Making Mixed Drinks KC
Stereotypes of Genders in Advertising: Documentaries SG
Print Ads SG
Where’s Wine? (includes television product-placement) SG
Gender Stereotypes in Advertising JA

The Most Interesting Man in the World KC
Banned Beer Commercial JA

Public Events
Alcohol Sponsorships SC

Conclusion SC

This blog is maintained by

Kaitlyn Clement: Art Director, Reporter

Jordan Astrich: Reporter

Megan Thomson: Art Director

Shelby Graham: Reporter, Researcher

Susie Cansler: Reporter, Strategist

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*Various Advertisements list their source in their captions